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Why choose Executive Board?

  • 70% or more of Nikkei listed companies and operating companiesExclusivity

    We are directly connected to countless executive boards and C-level managers throughout Japan, which gives us a preeminent position in the retained executive search market. Many of our requirements–in retail distribution, consumer goods, food manufacturing, and many other industries–are completely exclusive.

  • Executive position 80% or moreElite Opportunities

    80% of the positions that we handle are at the highest levels of the enterprise. We specialize in President, Director, General Manager, and other similar corporate executive titles.

  • Many global management projectsGlobal Reach

    Executive Board’s overseas business development and management recruitment reach is truly global. We have group companies in China and North America and manage numerous global projects that require close cooperation with Japan.

  • It is a special offer.

    Targeted and Intelligent Searches (AI)

    While most recruiting companies spend their time collecting resumes, we build individual relationships, striving to understand how each candidate’s talents match to the needs of each business organization–utilizing applied data analytics, with a touch of AI.

    We know that to find the best leaders and innovators—those men and women that are best qualified to revitalize the way of doing business in Japan, and the global economy as a whole–we must use every digital means at our disposal. This ensures that we contact only those individuals that are best suited for the exclusive executive positions of our clients. However, we understand the limitations of technology in executive recruitment: after we contact a candidate, they receive highly individualized and personalized attention.

  • It is a special offer.

    Challenging Opportunities

    Recent changes in the global economy have made it impossible for companies to achieve continuous growth through traditional means of doing business—nowhere is this more prevalent than in the hiring and development of new talent. As business models change along with technology, so do the skills required to manage these changes.

    The executive of today must not only be an excellent manager of company assets and a great motivator of people, they must be digitally savvy: they must understand how to properly function in a global economy where automation, digitization, and AI will drive future profitability and competitive advantages, both domestically and internationally.

    Being a research-focused organization, Executive Board has remained highly informed on all developments in technology and digitization; as a consequence, we are uniquely positioned to help clients and individuals achieve true transformative change. We are not just a recruiting firm–we are true partners in change and innovation. And we are delighted to help you discover your next successful challenge.

  • It is a special offer.

    Individualized Attention

    The information on a CV rarely tells the whole story about a candidate. Only by meeting and carefully interviewing a candidate can we understand “the spirit behind the skills”—only after this can we make a compelling case for a possible career synergy with one of our clients.

    We listen carefully to our clients, making sure we recognize what type of candidate will be the perfect fit for their organization; likewise we do our best to understand the professional goals and skills of each individual candidate. If we can not apprehend your professional goals, we will fall short of your expectations, and potentially the expectations of our client organizations. Discerning your will is the key to Executive Board earning your trust, and the trust of our clients.