Appointment for Independent DirectorsAppointment for Independent Directors

Independent outside director invitation service
to strengthen corporate governance

Recently, in line with developments in the EU and other countries, many companies in Japan encounter a pressing need to increase outside directors from the perspective of compliance. When it comes to approaching candidates, however, most of them have relied on their own connections, with limited communication channels to reach candidates.
Executive Board offers a service that introduces outside directors and others including outside corporate auditors in line with the latest trends in corporate governance.



Introducing specialists who are difficult to recruit

Many companies today face much severe competition in acquiring specialists in IT and DX, as well as global and diversity professionals. While finding talents with suitable capabilities itself is a daunting challenge in the first place, Executive Board excels at introducing specialized talents in this area with our diverse and high-class network.


Holding a large number of candidates in our proprietary database

Executive Board offers you researches and accesses of specialists with the needed knowledge, not only holds a large number of candidates in our proprietary database. We introduce you outside directors and executive officers in the same way as we do for regular recruiting.


Support for inviting diverse outside directors with management experience which is difficult to secure

You may face difficulty securing outside directors with experience as outside directors while diversity is required by a board of directors. Under such circumstances, we support you the appointment of directors by compiling a list of experienced and capable chairpersons, female directors, and non-Japanese directors on the executive side, by approaching and introducing them timely.

Client Company
A wide range from retail distribution and major logistics companies to start-ups
Open Positions
Outside Director, Outside Corporate Auditor
Recruitment Background
Many companies had selected and invited people through the nepotistic connections of president or chairman, but organizational activities became indispensably required to secure the quality and quantity of outside directors. In addition, these activities became increasingly demanded by their shareholders, that is why they asked for our support.
Assumed Remuneration
6-20 million yen
* Experience in business management of a certain scale
* Securing of diversity
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