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Corporate Recruiting

Executive Board has an extensive track record of identifying and introducing top executive talent to Japanese companies of all sizes—from Nikkei-listed companies to smaller operating companies. Through extensive search capabilities, personalized interviews and coaching, and other customized services, we are able to match the best candidates with the most appropriate job opportunities.

We look forward to serving you.

Candidates by the Numbers: Breakdown of Executive Board Placements

Age, Position

Age>Under 35:11%, 35~45:36%, 45~55:37%, over 55:16% / Position>President & Vice President:29%, Director:22%, Executive Director:13%, Division Manager:7%, Other:28%

Industry, Salary

IndustoryService, retail and distribution:23%、Manufacturer:15%、IT・communication:13%、Finance・Real estate:10%、Food・restaurant:7%、Trading company, mass communication・other:34% / Slaly ~10million yen:15%、10~15million yen:31%、15~20million yen:29%、20~25million yen:13%、25~30million yen:7%、30~35million yen:3%、 40million yen~:1%