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We support business operators and business people rising to challenges


The Executive Board provides a trusted service platform that supports the recruiting needs of business enterprises and the career change challenges of individuals.

To ensure the complete success of all, we closely partner with each client and individual during every step of the recruiting journey–from screening, interviewing, mentoring, and beyond. Our consultants and advisors are always on the lookout for the best talent, aggressively seeking out future business leaders that will be able to bring continued growth and prosperity to Japan and the world beyond. The economies of tomorrow will be invigorated through AI and analytics, human diversity, and environmental sustainability; consequently, Executive Board pays close attention to these factors when identifying top talent.

Bespoke Service

Because Executive Board’s expertise spans every industry, and scales to all levels of executive experience, we have the ability to provide the highest caliber of executive search, recruitment, and career development services.

 Executive Board understands that a one-size-fits all approach has limited value for our clients: we recognize that each company has a unique operating model, just as every individual has special career goals and professional aspirations. Thus, our deeply customized consulting approach guarantees that “the right people are put in the right place” so that both enterprises and individuals are perfectly matched and poised to achieve dramatic growth together.


Executive Board understands the importance of organic growth, from the perspective of both individuals and enterprises.

Our customers are deeply ambitious business organizations and individuals that aspire to achieve the highest synergies in organic growth. They chose Executive Board as their trusted partner because we sincerely understand both sides of the growth equation. Whether helping a highly-skilled and independently-minded candidate navigate their next career move, or assisting a large business enterprise find their next Outside Director, we truly understand the issues our clients face, and we win their repeated business by providing award winning solutions with integrity and passion.