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Our unique research system and highly specialized consultants help you find the talent you need and support your business change and growth

We have operated our business with the idea of being a reliable partner when managers facing challenges need human resources enough to pioneer their business. We have successfully supported a large number of managers and business talents as a result of working with our belief that it is crucial to match fundamental orientation, not just the specifications.


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    Recruiting Consulting Service

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    This service provides you with the top-level support for your human resource strategies, where our dedicated team acts as a partner for your managers and management team challenging growth and change. Our team will work together as a team to support a series of your management, ranging from consulting on building an organizational structure, to finding, scouting, and assisting interviews for executive talents, and supporting onboarding of the candidate.

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  • Service02

    Support for the Appointment of Independent Directors

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    This service supports the establishment of an effective appointment process while reducing your company’s workload in appointing independent directors. From requirement definition, assessment creation, candidate list, interviews, and selection, we will build a smooth and sustainable process for appointing independent directors exclusively for your company.

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  • Service03

    Retained Search Service

    This service provides you with support for your recruiting activities of specific positions that are highly confidential or are not available in the job market by forming a dedicated team for a certain period of time (usually 6 months*). We target potential candidates and approach them through our own network.
    *If the candidate has not been hired after 6 months, we will discuss extending the program for 2 months (free of charge).

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  • Service04

    Contingency Fee-based Recruiting Service

    This service is specialized for recruitment of executives and specialists. We search for candidates from our database of job seekers without setting a fixed term.

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