Our professional team makes a full effort to support you to try to challenges and successes for your life.

Our experienced consultant of Executive Board will be your best partner in supporting your career, considering your aspirations, values and life as a candidate. Our team makes a full effort to support you to commit to your challenges and successes.


  • Image of Kaoru Takeuchi

    ChairmanKaoru Takeuchi

    Born in 1955 in Fukuoka. Graduated Ritsumeikan University in 1978. After graduating from Ritsumeikan University, Takeuchi was involved in establishing a research and development venture, where he oversaw operations until 1982, when he joined Recruit Human Resources Center Co., Ltd. (now Recruit Career). Here his responsibilities included recruitment and executive search, culminating in his appointment as Director and Division Head of Education and Training, in addition, he was appointed Manager of Human Resources. In 1999, based on his conviction to “Provide the best support for business owners and create the worthiest challenges for business people”, he established Spirits Co. Ltd., where he currently serves as Representative Director. Through his work with Spirits Co. Ltd. he has supported the career development of thousands of business people and worked closely with hundreds of Japanese firms to support their human resources development and recruiting objectives.In 2006, Takeuchi established Executive Board Co., Ltd., a human resources service organization specializing in management personnel, capable of providing full support to Japanese companies starting operations in China and the greater Asia-Pacific. In 2011, he established Spirits Business Advisory in Shanghai as a subsidiary of Spirits Co. Ltd., becoming Chairman. He recently (2013) established a new Spirits Business Advisory subsidiary based in Singapore. In 2018, he assumed the position of chairman.

  • Image of Kendo Watanabe

    CEOKendo Watanabe

    Born in 1971 in Hokkaido. Graduated Hokkaido University in 1995. Upon his graduation from Hokkaido University, Watanabe entered Japan Long-Term Credit Bank (now Shinsei Bank). After leading the telecommunications industry investment team, he was promoted to the Marketing Division where he performed various risk management tasks. In 2000, he joined a well-known executive recruiting firm where he was in charge of the creation of one of their major subsidiaries, culminating in his promotion to Managing Director. In 2002, he was named the subsidiary’s Representative Director; and in 2005 he transferred to the parent company’s business planning department where he engaged in IR, M&A, and other business functions. In 2006 Watanabe joined Executive Board Co. Ltd as a Director and Partner where he launched the firm’s executive search business. In 2013, he became a Director of Executive Board’s parent Company (Spirits Co. Ltd), where he integrated the management of both companies. In 2014, he was named as Executive Vice President of Spirits Co. Ltd. In 2018, he become a Chief Executive Officer.


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    Executive consultant

    Shusaku Harada

  • Image of Hiroshi Abe

    Executive Consultant

    Hiroshi Abe

  • Image of Takuro Mori

    Executive Consultant

    Takuro Mori

  • Image of Yuki Imai

    Executive Consultant

    Yuki Imai

  • Image of Toru Konishi

    Senior Consultant

    Toru Konishi

  • Image of Yoshimitsu Komatsu

    Senior Consultant

    Yoshimitsu Komatsu

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    Nagisa Sasaki

  • Image of Mai Matsushita


    Mai Matsushita

  • Image of Midori Hirano


    Midori Hirano

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    Satoru Yoshioka

  • 野方 大智の写真


    Daichi Nogata

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    Chief Executive Officer of Spirits Business Advisory (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Hiroyuki Tanaka