Contingency Fee-Based Recruiting ServiceContingency Fee-Based Recruiting Service

Contingency fee-based recruiting service
specializing in management executives and specialists

In accordance with the requested conditions, we search for management executives and specialists mainly through our network and database that we have developed, and introduce candidates whose skills and experiences match the requested position.


Wanted to find a CEO for an acquired overseas subsidiary

The company wanted to find a successor of the current CEO of an overseas subsidiary acquired several years ago who has decided to retire. It was assumed that they would face a higher hurdle to recruit due to COVID-19 pandemic as well as overseas assignment. We successfully contacted a target candidate who was to leave for his current post a few months later. The candidate was perfect in terms of experiences and skills, and was joined the company smoothly with our support.

Client Company
Japanese electronics manufacturer
Open Positions
CEO of U.S. Corporation
Recruitment Background
The company’s headquarters was originally in a domestic business domain and was at a loss to find a person in charge of the head of an acquired overseas subsidiary, including the searching way. Our consultant contacted and immediately started research. The decision of appointment was made within a few weeks.
Assumed Remuneration
15-20 million yen(Local housing and transfer allowances are to be provided separately.)
・Age: 50-65 years old
・Experience in working overseas in a similar industry and in management.
Client Service