Support for the Appointment of Independent Directors Support for the Appointment of Independent Directors

Helping to build an effective appointment process while reducing the burden on your company

We provide comprehensive support for the effective appointment process of independent directors, going beyond the creation of candidate lists. Our assistance extends from designing assessments to define measurable criteria, building and coordinating communication with candidates, to supporting communication design. We cover the entire spectrum to facilitate the construction of an effective process for appointing independent directors.

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Reduce your company’s workload in appointing independent directors

We provide comprehensive support for the time-consuming process of appointing independent directors, including candidate listing and maintenance, gathering information necessary for assessment, and managing relationships with candidates. We aim to ease the burden on your company.


Our proprietary database includes experienced independent directors in listed companies

Our database contains more than 500 candidates who have already served as independent directors for listed companies and have existing contacts with us. New candidates are automatically added every month.


Your exclusive candidate list is constantly updated

Our consultants constantly collect information on the status of candidates carefully selected according to your company’s requirements. The information is automatically updated to the latest information.


Assessment design to visualize optimal skills and personality profile

We visualize the skills matrix, which tends to be abstract, into a measurable scale for internal use, and also report on internal assessments, such as the candidate’s personality.


Communication design to help maintain relationships over the years

We use our own network to quickly confirm the intentions of candidates on your behalf, even those who are difficult to make contact with. We also design relationships and communications tailored to your company’s appointment process.

Comments Of Clients Comments Of Clients

  • The Executive Board provided a preliminary explanation to the candidates, so that from the initial interview, they were interested in our company and business and understood our internal circumstances and challenges, which are difficult to discuss.

  • In fact, since I originally knew the candiate and had a close relationship with him, it was difficult for me to discuss the independent director directly with him, both personally and as a company, but the Executive Board was very helpful in getting between us from the initial contact to the confirmation of his true intentions.

  • It was an opportunity to select a type of person who had not been among the independent directors we had appointed before, such as someone with experience in starting up new businesses or marketing.

  • We thought it was a very difficult requirement, but as a result, you proposed a list of several people, which allowed us to have a choice and make a convincing selection.

Examples of Support

Logistics service industry
Sales scale
More than 2 trillion yen
Appointment of a total of at least 5 female outside directors
General Trading Company
Sales scale
More than 2 trillion yen
Support for the appointment of multiple independent directors
Unlisted fintech venture
Sales scale
Several tens of billions of yen scale
Introduced key persons with knowledge and networks in the financial industry as independent directors
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