Retained Search ServiceRetained Search Service

Service that a dedicated team formed for a specific position searches thoroughly in the market and introduces the candidates

Retained search service provides a dedicated team formed for a specific position with high confidentiality and difficulty, and conducts search activities for a certain period of time (usually 6 months*). We support recruitment through periodic meetings and activity reports on the presence or absence of targets, number of targets, companies that targets works for, and competitors, as well as hypothesis verification and various researches on candidate profile including the required experience, competencies and orientation.
*If the candidate has not been hired after 6 months, we will discuss extending the program for 2 months (free of charge).


Approaching potential career changers with rare experience and capabilities

The company invited external personnel to take charge of promoting DX that was the most important position in future business promotion. While DX was still underdeveloped in the industry and the competitors had few candidates, we listed and prioritized target candidates based on data of personnel with successful experience in other industries, and approached them. The company successfully employed one of the several candidates with our onboarding support.

Client Company
Major distributor
Open Positions
DX promotion
Recruitment Background
The company had worked with agencies by registration, but no candidates had been found. Its manager, feeling a sense of crisis that he could hire no one, directly asked for our support. The company has successfully closed the deal within a few months after the request.
Assumed Remuneration
15 million yen
・Age: 40s to 50s
・Person who is capable of designing unprecedented new initiatives and ideas, while utilizing the strengths of the existing organization, and possibly to contribute to developing its members.
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